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Exercise From Horse Consciousness

Years ago, my client, Mary McNerney, realized that her horse Zander was eager to share information with us that came straight from Horse Consciousness. Since then, Mary and I had many conversations with Zander and the HC which resulted in a webinar we created a few years back. Today, I want to share one message from HC with you as it pertains to the quiet we have been experiencing during the pandemic.

The Horse Consciousness wishes to speak with you now

"Know that we, too, your horse friends are seeking to align with you more fully now in this time of quiet. So too, for that matter, is all of nature. For you see, when your busy-ness ceases, when the distractions you have created for yourselves cease to absorb your energy on a daily basis, all of Nature opens up and flows more readily too.

Shift your attention to us, your horse friends, for as you do this it will enable us to bring more of who we are into your conscious awareness. Sometimes it seems to us that you go about your days rather blindly! We recognize you don’t see the multi-dimensional world you are in, as we do, and that you have almost no idea how to work together with the energetic field which is within you and which surrounds you.

This we are here to show you now, to bring you into congruence with the light energy which supports all life.

We will take you step by step into a process of attuning to your energy and to your horse’s energy. We believe this will open you up, ‘expand your horizons’ so to speak, so that you will be able to see and fulfill your role here, your role on this planet in a more satisfactory way than you as Humanity are doing now. We, the horses, are stepping forth fully into our role as your Teachers now.

Now we wish to show you the exercises for health and well-being, for healing.

Place your hands on the small of your back for a few moments. (If in a group, can try this on another person’s back also). Then place your hands literally or figuratively, it does not matter, on the small of your horses back. Feel the vibration.

There is a vibration that radiates from you and one which radiates from your horse.

(You can readily do this exercise with hands on your low abdomen too, we simply use your low back because it is a parallel to our horse’s low back which is easier for you to reach than his low belly)

Allow yourself to settle in here, to sense and be with this pulse. This is connecting you with a line of creative energy. This creative energy resonates from within yourself and within all living beings of nature, and radiates forth from Earth too. It is your divine essence.

When one becomes injured or sick or traumatized, this flow is altered, thrown out of balance or into syncope ( temporary loss of consciousness usually related to insufficient blood flow to the brain). The process of healing begins with bringing that flow back into balance, nourishing and supporting it, so then the physical may follow in coming into health and well-being. Shift the energy and then the physical will shift. Recharge, clear, and shift the energy and then the physical body will be more ready and able to utilize the medications or other additives you may also be providing.


Start with hands on low belly, energy dropping down, out of the head. Calm. Quiet.

A deep love flows into you, rising from the Earth and from the Cosmos. Be at peace with that. This pulse of love is always carried within every cell of your body; you actually radiate this to the world. It is who you actually are.

Now, as you put your hands on your horse’s low back - or upon any other part of her body your hands may feel drawn to - that radiance unfolds through you, to your horse, and feeds and nourishes her radiance.

This is health and well-being in creation.

You are allowing the creative energy to move through you, for the benefit of yourself, and for your horse.

Your attunement and your awareness are what bring this forth. Nothing more is required, simply allow.


We would encourage you to engage more and more in this way. This is a gateway which will open you to learning more about working with the beneficial Life Force energy which surrounds you and which you carry within you.

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