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Finding The Right Dog - Podcast

Show Notes

I closed my eyes and asked if Scout was up for a chat. He was right next to me, next to my chair and I had my hand on him. That reminded me, that I could offer him telepathically to pet him. He said, just pet me right here in person. He wiggled around for a little while and I just kept breathing. I wondered if Scout could actually stay home alone for a while. Somehow Amber popped into my mind and then I wondered if she could be a surrogate for Scout, and before I finished the thought Amber said: he could stay home for a little while, but then he’ll get antsy and will come up with things (like grabbing something and rip it, or chew on something.

Then Amber continued that Scout and I, just like her and I were glued together by the heart.

So when one goes, me especially, it rips on the heart, a part of him is missing. I then had a quick flash that he is not feeling so rough about it when he goes to Kit’s because he is distracted. It is always harder for the one staying home because the missing of the other is so evitable; it is less evitable when you are distracted. Amber said the same as it is with you and David.

Nicole: Why is it not the same with other dogs?

Amber: Other dogs have other jobs, some are happy when their owners leave to get some quiet. Some know to watch over the house or be the special being the owner comes home to. Each has their role.

Scout’s is to love you wholeheartedly as he does. That’s what you want.

Nicole: What? What do you mean?

You want a dog that “gets is” like Scout, who’s so tuned in and reads such little shifts etc. and how could he do all that and not love you this much? So, he doesn’t want to be without you.

(When I got to the point of writing down “… little shifts”, Scout, who had been laying a few feet over from me on the deck popped up and came over. As if he had felt the shift that I had received the message that had explained our relationship. He came up on my side, stuck his fur face through the armhole of the chair, and then got all excited, then he backed up, and popped his front paws on my knew and wanted to give me kisses. Super affectionate and excited as if displaying his joy that “I got it”.

After a little snuggle fest, I wrote up the rest.

It is always interesting how animals do read our thoughts because the message from Amber had already arrived in my mind, but I couldn’t write it down as fast as it has arrived.

I find it fascinating to think that I actually brought this on myself. I think this is the first time I really understand the law of attraction. Here I thought I am not attracting a clingy dog, that would never be my wish to have a dag that is so attached that he doesn’t want to be without me. That would be co-dependent in a sad way and I don’t wish for that. What I didn’t realize is that I do love having a dog that is this tuned in and special, and that having a dog like that will have side effects.

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