Furry Life Coach?

What would you do if your dog told you to embrace your fabulousness?.

What would it mean to know that your cat is “knitting and weaving” the tapestry of your energy body after you come home from work depleted?

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Your animal is in tune with you and will always be your best life coach.

A few years back, my parents were visiting from Germany. To make the long trip worthwhile for them, they usually stay 3-4 weeks with us. That particular time, about a week into their month-long visit, Scout had diarrhea.

I hung out for him for a while and asked him literally and verbally,” Poor baby, what is going on with you?”

Interestingly enough, Scout looked at me in a way that told me that I needed to look at myself for the cause. He didn't go for the poor baby lingo, answering me “yes, yes, yes, I feel terrible, lick chew, head down on the sofa, please please pet me. No, he looked at me. Intently. And that caused me to turn to the “Poor baby what is going on with you?” lingo toward myself.

Instantly I knew what was really going on. Having my parents in our space 24/7 for 7 days had been a big change from our regular life. And get me right, I love and adore my parents. Our relationship is amazing, especially these days. How-ever. They are my parents, and over the last 5 decades, the manure hit the fan plenty, and family patterns can be hard to break.

Scout’s diarrhea showed me that I was off balance and more tense than usual.

How do I know that was true?

Because once I realized what was going on, I told Scout, “ Listen, thanks for pointing out what's going on. You don't need to carry or hold that energy for me, I will take care of myself.”

I knew that one of my family patterns is to be the hostess of the mostess, and that left very little time for me. That day, I set boundaries around me time, and … guess what, the next day the diarrhea was gone.

Let me note right here that I hate that my dog gets a belly ache because I am tense.

And, let me tell you that I have asked Scout and also heard from hundreds of animals whose people felt the animal was taking on too much … Scout says, that he came into my life to support and protect me. He sees it as his job, his purpose, …. actually he just said, “I see it as my life to be there for you.”

Me taking any one of his jobs away bringing in feed buckets, and firewood, carrying my gloves in from the yard … and reflecting back my tension through his body is simply what he is meant to do. He chose that. Nobody is making him do it. And therefore it would be inappropriate for me to feel bad or guilty. Those negative feelings, are “... contractions of the heart,” Scout says. Unnecessary.

I want to point out here that I am amazed scout is coming into the conversation as he is usually not very verbal. He and I communicate mostly through knowing, we simply know where each other is, and what each other thinks or wants and we act accordingly. Whenever I actually verbally speak to Scout he usually lowers his head and gets verklempt. So I am especially thrilled Scouty that you're showing up here in the podcast, Thank you.

And, he is quiet,

Ok. So let’s talk about why is it always the stomach with Scout.

Scout’s stomach is his Achilles heel. Humans and animals have Achilles heels. As the Greek Legend says, the heroic warrior Achilles had one weakness, his heel. Achilles' mom tried to make him immortal by holding the infant by his heel and dipping him into the River Styx. There was clearly some magic going on with that river. But, eventually, Achilles was killed by an arrow shot in