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Introducing Angel

Two-year-old male, not neutered, large, muscular, about 55 to 60 pounds, short-haired.

From his current owner, Miriam. To contact Miriam email:

Angel came to me starving while I was on a four-month consulting contract at a Navajo Nation school in AZ. Though starving, all he seemed to be asking for was friendship and kindness, the same qualities he offers every moment. Angel is two years old now, by the calculation of the vet. Though gentle in nature and aiming to please, he is large and very strong. He is as fast as a grayhound and loves running. He is well trained to our invisible fence and has never challenged the parameters once he was trained (1 ½ acres). He has been living with another dog for the last year and, although wanting to befriend every dog he meets, has not been extensively socialized with other dogs yet. He trains easily and seems to be intuitive about some things that he has never been taught. For example, he never needed to be housebroken, has never destroyed anything except his own toys, he is quiet and well-behaved both inside and outside. As we have discovered, he will need some training on the leash, and he may not be safe off-leash. We have loved Angel and have resisted letting him go. We know that he is too strong for us (at our ages), but he needs a person that will appreciate both his kindness and the power in his body, offer him space to run and the training to make his life happy and safe. He will be the best companion one could ever want for the right home and person/people/family. I say this with full confidence, having gotten to know Angle as well as several dogs, long term in my life. He loves everyone, including children though I would say that he’s big for very young children at this stage in his development and until he can better manage his enthusiasm when he meets them.

To contact Miriam email:

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