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Join me in Vermont!

It is obvious, the veil is thinning. Many of us feel the desire to connect more deeply with animals, nature, and the world at large. We intuitively know that we belong together, but can't quite find our way back to the ease we had as a child when we were one with our dog, cat, or horse. When we sat by a river and noticed the little patches of moss and rolled around on Mother Earth.

Join me and a group of incredibly talented mentors who will share their personal experiences, knowledge, and offer encouragement as you process through your awakening!

I will share with you how you can connect - once again - with the Animal Kingdom Through Body, Mind & Spirit. My dear friend Mary will reconnect us with Mother Earth in her talk Earth Speaks Up: a dynamic new perspective on Earth and your role here.

We will dive into being rather than doing with the sound of singing bowls and find our rhythm while drumming. We will have a weekend of rest, healing, joy & experiential learning!

Each speaker will offer exceptional ways in which you will learn to; sharpen your intuition, heal your body & mind, move into your multidimensional self, experience altered states of consciousness, work together co-creatively with Earth and the Angelic Realm, practice the ancient system of shamanic journeying, deepen your meditation, stretch your body, use essential oils and take home your personal experiences to maintain a healthy, peace-filled life.

Head over to the website to read more and sign up. We have a handful of spots left and I hope you will join me in Vermont for a life-shifting weekend!

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