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Let's Have a Verbal Chat

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Show Notes

:: Throughout the last episodes you re-membered to breathe, consciously, tuned into your senses, and explored ease and unease. As a child, you did all this naturally because your mind wasn’t filled with domestic concerns. You were tuned into your immediate world with body, mind, and spirit.

:: What I share with you today will remind you of something else you did so naturally as a child. … have a chat with your animals. My mission for this episode is to get you chatting with intention And THAT will change your life with animals for-ever!

:: To start off our connection and communication with an animal we always take a deep breath.

Inhale and exhale.

:: Just to remind you, and if you’re listening for the first time, be informed that one conscious breath puts you into the now, so you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually present with your animal. And three belly breaths allow your brain to move into a calmer, more receptive mode.

:: Many of us have learned that short commands are the best way to communicate with animals ... walk, trot, can-ter, sit, come, stay, heel"… when you condition an animal to these commands, you want to control the animal's body and mind. Tell them what to do. Your goal is that they obey. And that is valuable in many situations, a.k.a. your dog runs toward the road, you call "Baxter, STOOOOOP," and he stops. Phew.

:: But … what if your animal has a much more extensive communication repertoire? What if you can have real conversations?

:: It is tough for your anima/s to get the point across or express an opinion when you don't give them a chance to be in dialogue.

:: Having a chat with your animal, meaning a dialog, allows the animal to give you feedback and help direct where the conversation might go next.

:: I called my show Let’s have a chat because I know that your voice is an underutilized tool. And I am here to encourage you to use it.

:: Speak Out Loud

:: Stories

:: The stories show, animals, just like us, want to be seen and heard. Dogs and cats, and birds and … horses, love to be in a dialog. And they love to share their skills and talents. And … if we engage with them and talk to them in full sentences … magic happens.

:: Speaking with clear intention and with your animal can prevent a lot of problems before they have a chance to take shape.

:: Ideally, you have a conversation with your animal before you make any significant changes.

:: Animals, just like us, do not like to be surprised or overwhelmed with a new situation. They prefer to wrap their mind around events as they manifest. Preparing your furry companion for the change will set everyone up for success.

:: Change is always unsettling and will have an impact on you and your animal. A few words of simple explanation can help you both move from un-ease to ease.

:: This concludes this episode and I invite you to start using your voice to communicate with your animal. Remember, short simple explanations. Tell him or her what’s going on … and then be open and curious … amazement is on the way!

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