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Pimp My Ride!

Sometimes it's just hilarious how animals show me what's going on in their life. The other day, I talked to Pela, a twelve-year-old Australian shepherd who doesn't care to go on walks.

Pela was five years old when a breeder let her go to her forever home. In prior animal communication sessions, Pela had mentioned that she loves being out in nature, but long hikes or walks are not her jam. She told me that they are strenuous for her.

In our recent conversation, Pela's person told me that she is ready to invest in a stroller so Pela and her can go on more adventures. As I translated that information to Pela, she hesitated, taking in the information, and then answered simply: Pimp My Ride!

I gulped, and told her person, "She wants you to pimp her ride."

Why would Pela pick such an expression? Because she knew that I knew what she meant. Since my hub's, David, loves to watch car shows, I knew that Pela wanted her stroller to be pimped out, showing the personality of herself and her person.

And Pela didn't stop there. She got specific.

She sent me a visual of the wheels; they had small crystals on the spokes. She explained that her person likes crystals. And if they put crystals on the wheels, they can spread good energy into the world cruising through town. Pela expressed she wanted the blanket to be an expression of their style. She wanted 'a ride' that she and her person could be proud of, rather than embarrassed when driving around. (In case you didn't know, animals have pride too :)

And, as if that was not enough information. Pela explained one more thing. As a former breeding bitch she never got to go places. As a matter of fact, with limited space to move around, her body did not develop the way it would under normal circumstances, a.k.a.

running around, playing, exercising.

Because it was underdeveloped, her body is simply not cut out for long hikes and walks by the beach.

Life in a puppy mill means enduring life in a kennel. Get pregnant, give birth, get sucked dry. Get pregnant, give birth, get sucked dry ... Pela's body was not allowed to move, recharge, and regenerate. No wonder that her immune system is strained, and she has a lot of allergies and sensitivities. Hearing Pela's side of her early years confirmed for her person that a stroller is a right next move.

People sometimes ask me, how do you know what the animal is saying?

Animals express themselves in ways we, the animal communicators, can understand. When Pela said, "Pimp My Ride" I knew exactly what she meant. Imagine that Pela, being a intuitive and sentient being, is aware of my internal library. I actually call it my Rolodex (aging myself with that one for sure). Pela knows that I am a channel through which she can express herself. So she picks expressions or visuals that resonate with me to bring the information forth.

That's why different communicators can get different information. If an animal communicator is really informed about nutrition, the animal will probably talk a lot about food. If an animal communicator has a degree in physical therapy or is a Chiropractor, they express a lot about their body. In my case, the animals say a lot about improving communication with their people and other animals. And, they also know I understand what it means to be anxious and that I am obsessed with learning more about the nervous system. Hence the animals can share about their needs to be at ease and how we the humans can help them get there.

I cannot wait to see a video of Miss Pela cruisin' round town in her pimped-out stroller. I will keep you posted.

If you want to give your furry, or feathery companion a chance to chat ... book a session right here.

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