Shocks That Bind Us

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When I walked into the pasture, my eye immediately fell on the tricolored horse.

Taking him in eating hay, I explained to his person what I do. This was her first time, she had no idea what to expect.

“I tune in to the horses,” I explained. “And invite them to share anything they’d like you to know so I can translate it for you, their person.’ I said.

“I’m sure interested in what he has to say,” she said. Nodding toward the tricolored horse.

I continued, “The way they communicate with me is in pictures, or little videos, sometimes they send me a message that is more like a sentence or paragraph.”

I stopped.

“Hah,” I said, gaining time as my mind questioned the visual and sentence I had just received.

“Sooo,” I continued, “I am getting in an interesting piece here, I believe, from the horse straight ahead of us, the paint.”

I took a breath, lengthening time.

Was I going to say what I saw and heard?

Was it a choice?

I looked at her, then back to the paint, “The paint just said: “Do you know what I love? Taking pictures on the beach.”

I slowly turned my eyes from the horse back toward the women.

I had to read her face.

How did she receive this first-ever statement from an animal communicator?

She received it through her whole body. Her body went tight as a ball while her arms simultaneously reached out wide. She looked half “bull-shit” and half “you gotta be kidding me!”

Seh caught herself, “We go to the beach all the time,” she said.

“And he poses.”

“Poses, I said.”

“Oh yes. I had a professional photographer come. He. Poses.”

A filmstrip began running in my mind. The horse, light on his feet. On the beach. Buoyed.