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Uplifting Ukraine - A Dog's Point of View

In this episode, I share with you a dog’s point of view on uplifting Ukraine.

Show Notes

I love chatting and working with animals so much because it is so interesting. My human clients and I often learn to look at situations with new eyes when we hear the animal’s point of view.

Recently a had an animal communication call with a dog I have communicated with many times

over the years, his name is Sunny. Before our conversation with Sunny started, his person shared her concern about the events in Ukraine. She told me that had visited Ukraine many, many years ago as a student and had enjoyed it so much. She recounted the beautiful thing she explored and had experienced over there.

Then she abruptly changed her tone and expressed how devastated she feels about the situation the country and its people and animals are in. She felt helpless. She had donated money but after she did she still was left with a feeling of emptiness and not doing enough.

At that point, Sunny chimed in. He explained to his person that the best thing she could do for the people, the animals, the entire country is to recall all the beautiful memories that she had. Whenever a thought of sorrow came into her mind she could recall something special from her trip. The beautiful architecture of a facade, the winding road in a particular town, a memory of a great meal, or a moment where something silly or romantic happened. Whatever came to mind would be perfect.

When we asked Sunny what that will do he explained that the people In Ukraine are in the process of losing their memories right now. They are being displaced from their homes and towns and families, human and animals. As they leave their places behind all they have left is their memories. Sunny continued, so feeding the memories that she has of that country and the people would be a beautiful way to feed that energy over there.

He then showed me the visual of the scale of Justice and how his person’s sorrows about Ukraine are weighing one side of the scale down. If she started to recall her memories they will open her heart and automatically send that heart energy to that place of disruption. As she did it, she would lift the scale of Justice higher and higher and higher with every beautiful thought and beautiful piece of energy. She would help raise and transform the lower frequency energy that's being put upon them at this point to a higher one.

Wow. Let’s take that in for a moment.

Sunny's person was in. I could tell by her energy and tone, she got activated by that idea.

What I mean is that she was energetically charged, in a good way. When we are in alignment, when our energy centers, our chakras are balanced and running well, we feel a charge going through us. You feel rooted, found your footing, your energy moves up and out your crown chakra at the top of your head and you feel an inner sense of knowing that you are held safely between mother earth and father sky.

From that place we create. From that place, Sunny’s person was able to help heal the world. One memory at the time.

Of course, when we share love and joy in this client's case the love she had for that country and the people and the joy she had traveling there she will also feel the love and joy again herself.

I think that is such an important point the animals often make. We are really supposed to live in love and joy. That's the whole point of life. Animals will always choose love and joy. Look at any puppy and kitten and foals and little goats and the tiny foxes in your backyard … from the moment they are on all fours, they are about love and joy.

So, what if you don't have good memories of a trip over there?

Well, a couple of days after my conversation with Sunny and his person I received a newsletter forward from the leader of my writing group. In it was a blog excerpt by the Ukraine poet -Ilya Kaminsky. He says, he was writing ot an older friend in Odessa, the third largest city in \Ukraine,

“How can I help, please let me know I really want to help.

The friend writes back: Putins come and go. If you want to help, send us some poems and essays. We are putting together a literary magazine.

Kaminsky says, “And that is in the middle of war. Imagine."

See how that resonates with what Sunny told his person? Have good thoughts, make art, send stories or poems. Share what brings you love and joy.

This episode is a timely message for Ukraine, but it is true for any other situation. That’s why we have prayers and rituals, and healing circles. The animals are showing us simply one more way how to lift that scale. How you are lifting the vibration by bringing anything you love and enjoy into your mind when your energy is going south. Your animal is inviting you to worry less and embody love and joy.

That doesn't mean that you wouldn't acknowledge your concerns. Right? If you have been listening to this Podcast the most congruent way you can be with your animal is by telling them what's going on with you. Tell your furry, feathery, or scaly companion, “I am so sad about the situation in Ukraine and there is so much damage done and it's so unfair. You know it just makes me so sad and concerned about the rest of the world.” And your animal will probably sigh once along with you, relieved that the energy s/he has been feeling is now confirmed and grounded by your chat.

From there you can move again into love and joy mode. The key is not to stay in the energy of dread, worry, and helplessness because you are not really helpless. The animals are saying we can be the one who raises and tips the scale.

If you have been struggling with the idea of how to be helpful … I hope this was helpful.

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