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Your Body, Your Animal's Guide

And we are back together. Me behind the mic and you in front of the speakers.

In the last episode, number 48, I spoke about your body being your precious guide.

And, oh, boy, you loved that one. I love it. You put it to use right away.

And if you didn't, hop over to my website and watch the video I made with Kristen. We show you how to engage your body in your daily decision-making. The video is in the show notes on my website under the tab Stories Your Body, Your Guide.

Watch it and practice strengthening that muscle so your body can quickly and overtly communicate with you, showing you what choices are for your highest and best.

Because …… in this episode, I share how you can employ your body to figure out what is for your animal's highest and best. Because, as you will see, it can be pretty handy.

You might remember me mentioning my barn client whose body had shown every so subtle indication of her body saying 'yes' and 'no.'

My client used her body to determine which blanket to offer her horse overnight.

Hah, what do you think of that idea? How often do horse people question how to dress their horses overnight? Every night. Every night, people worldwide wonder which blanket to wrap their horses in.

Now, if I have a horse in the backyard, I can walk out to the horse and offer the blanket. If my horse invites the blanket, I put it on. If my horse tells me 'no,' I don't. And if you'd like to know what the 'no' looks like, listen to podcast # 7

However, when your horse is at a boarding facility, and you are not there at nightfall, you can use the body sway muscle test to determine the appropriate blanket for that night.

So, back to my client. She stood in front of her horse's stall, facing the blankets on the door, and swiped across her forehead, right to left. Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish.

She double-checked by saying her name and a neutral name with no connotations. When her 'yes' and her 'no' were established, she asked, May I dowse for G's highest and best? She got a 'yes.'

Let me stop right here. This is the part you always, always, always must ask.

May I dowse for … then slide in your animal's name here … highest and best? And see if you get permission.

Your animal has their own agency. If we are mindful, we don't do to, but we do with.

I do not assume. I ask permission.

Once my client had permission to ask, she looked at the first blanket and asked, "Is this for G's highest and best tonight?" She got a 'no.' She moved on to the alternative, looked at it, and asked and got a 'yes.'

And, as if on cue, her horse blew out through the nose to exhale and confirm the decision.

Now, my client could have held the blanket, touched the blanket, or could have said, "Is the green blanket for G's highest and best? What matters is a clear intention and focus on the blanket she inquired about.

How else could this be helpful? You might wonder.

Well, here are a few suggestions.

Do you have an animal with food issues, allergies, or sensitivities?

I don't, but I still want Scout to have food that is for his highest and best within a price range that fits my budget. If I need to buy dry food, I stand in front of the dog food aisle. I balance myself. Swipe, swipe, swipedy-swipe. My name is Nicole, yes. My name is Jennifer, no.

"May I ask for Scout's highest and best? Yes.

Then I look at one dog food brand at a time and ask each, "Are you for Scout's highest and best?"

Once I establish a yes, I go deeper. Which of the ingredient is for Scout's highest and best? Bison? Fish? Chicken? Venison? And my body will tell me. Simple as that.

If I go straight from here to the cat food aisle to find food for Flitzer and Mimi, I will most likely not re-check myself because there is no reason that I would fall out of balance between moving from aisle three to aisle five.

But, … but, but but, if you run into Karis, your nosy neighbor, as you mosey over to the kitty aisle and if Karis, who you have beef with, stops you, and you need to fake nice because your daughter is dating her son … and if you stood with Karis for a few minutes while everything in your body wants to move to the kitty aisle … then guess what, by the time you left Karis in the dust your body has been in flight mode and adrenaline has risen and your chest has tightened up and at that point, you must re-check your balance before picking the cat food.

Especially if your body is not used to being in balance. Because, most likely, the tension you experienced while half-listening listening to Karis talk about her latest cruise vacation while plotting your escape might have thrown you off balance and off your intuitive game.

But, as I said before, that will change if you use your body muscle often. Muscles grow with practice, and as you give your body a chance to express itself in this way, you will get stronger and not so easily thrown off balance.

Just because the opportunities to use your body in this fabulous way are just so endless, I will give you a couple more ideas.

Sometimes a client of mine needs a recommendation or referral for treatment, supplements, or herbs for their animal.

And I will send them a link to a directory of holistic veterinarians or a list of other providers or products. And then, I teach them the body sway so they can test which one of the vets, massage therapists, or supplements is for their animal's highest and best.

You can do the same.

For example, if you're wondering about hiring a professional in any way, pull up the provider's website, balance yourself, get permission, and then ask, is this fill-in-the-blanks for Leo's highest and best? Yes? No? And you will have your answer.

And you could get a yes for two people, great.

Then, use your body again and decide which feels better. Because when you're at ease, so will your animal.

Can you see how your body is a fantastic tool for your animal to communicate what s/he needs and wants? This kind of blanket, that kind of food, this type of therapist.

And how listening to your animal, through your body, provides ease for your animal?

What I am saying here is … your body knows. It knows what is good for you and also for your animal. This lovely thing you're living in is a miracle.

Your body is a wise and well-oiled machine that beats, breathes, and digests for you all day long without you paying attention to it. Unconsciously.

And … this lovely thing you're living in is also happy to be at service more consciously. Your body likes to be in dialogue, Likes it if you ask it questions.

Because when you listen to the body, it gets what it wants. Ease.

Ease for you and ease for your animal.

I crave a life of ease, and I love that my body is helping me get there.

And my animals are always happy when I ask them to speak through my body because it provides the highest and best care for them.

Play, play, play, I say.

Use your body. Ask your body. Get engaged and into a dialogue with your body, For yourself, or your animals. And then let me know what you discover.

The instructional video is below.

Happy swaying … until next time. Ciao, ciao.

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