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Your Body, Your Gateway to Intuition

Hello, my dear friends and listeners.

You may remember me telling you in one of the earlier episodes that we are all intuitive.

Right? As children, we were so aware and in tune with things.

And when the world around us denied what we knew was true, we started to question ourselves. And that’s why some of you might agree that we are all intuitive, and some of you might still be on the fence about it.

Well, the proof is in the pudding.

In addition to my regular animal communication sessions, I also work with a handful of exquisite people, my mentees, who want to connect again with their intuition. And the way we do it is by going through the body. Your body is the perfect instrument to

invite intuition back into your life.

Why is that, you wonder?

Well, our brain is divided into two hemispheres.

The left hemisphere brain is the analytical, logical, and verbal half, whereas your right hemisphere is the creative, intuitive, emotional, visual, and spatial half.

Here in our Western World, the left brain is trained to be strong.

As I said a minute ago, as a child, when your intuition, your knowing, to

ld you something, your environment, the people, the settings, the media asked you to think clearly, stop the fantasy, get real, ignore your feelings and for heaven's sake stop crying.

Well, ignoring the feelings, the knowing, your truth weakened the right hemisphere and strengthened the left.

That’s why when you have an intuitive hit these days, your left brain says, “Come on, this is a coincidence.” Or, questions you, “Did you really feel that?” And the crazier your intuition appears, the more your left brain wants to hijack you out of that insane idea. Remember me questioning myself when I heard the horse say, “My favorite thing is taking pictures on the beach!” Whaaaat, my left brain said. Are you nuts to say this out loud?

But my intuition was right. Listen to podcast #37 to hear the whole story.

My point is that the left brain will jump in so quickly to rescue you from your intuition that I see a ping-pong game happening in your head as you try to go from rational to intuition, back to rational, and so on and so forth.

Now, imagine dipping down from the head into your body. Ahhhh, I can feel the ease already. Let’s just breathe into our beautiful bodies for a moment. Inhale…exhale



Getting out of our minds and saying hello to our bodies.

Hello body, let me help you relax by breathing more consciously for a moment,

Exhale ….

Now I feel embodied, aware of my body, like I did when I was a kid, climbing up trees, riding across the mowed wheat fields.

When we are embodied, meaning not stuck in our head, we utilize the big sensing part of ours.

Just like we don’t just read one page in a book or listen to one note in a piece o

f music, we can also use more than our brain to experience life.

Turns out your body is a big dowsing rod. I talked about that before and made a video for you on my blog on how to muscle test or dowse to get yes and no answers.

You can ask questions about yourself: what is for my highest and best, i.e., broccoli or cauliflower for dinner? You can also ask your animals for permission to muscle test for them.

Duke, may I ask a question for you? If you get a yes, ask away.

You are opening the door to your intuition as you use your body to get these answers.

I see it with the participant fo my mentorship program. Within two sessions, the mentees communicate with their animals. First, via their body or a pendulum, and then suddenly they know the answer before the body or pendulum has even mov


When before the idea of communicating with a tree or bird or house cat seemed outlandish, the mentees were sending emails saying, “I have a lot to share since our last session. My animals are speaking to me in so many more ways. I've physically felt things, I've smelled things I would not normally be able to smell, I've vague visuals, and knowings are beginning to feel normal (it's like we've created our own language to communicate without words).

Haha, and that is exactly what I always say, about me and my animals.

I speak to them. They speak to me. And over time, we’ve developed a share

d vocabulary of non-verbal cues and telepathic connections to guide our choices + daily activities.

Your ability to communicate with your animals with body, mind, and intuition is literally a few phone or Zoom calls away. Your intuition is there. You simply need to allow her in.

As one mentee put it. There is so much more to learn and absorb. My life has changed since I felt my dog for the first time. Now, I can only go forward. There is no going back, n

or would I want there to be. This gift is too precious.

I truly believe we all want to feel connected, belong, and be seen and heard. And when we live in our body and allow it and our intuition to inform us, our sense of love, joy, and wonderment goes sky high.

So I wonder, how much desire do you have to utilize all your bits and parts in order to live fully?

If your heart is craving a deeper connection with your animals and life, tune into your body. Let it be the pathway to intuition. If you are ready to dive in and let your animals guide and mentor you, then check out my mentorship. Between your animals and my guidance, your life will shift in magical ways. Sign up for a discovery call, and let’s get this party started. Until then, keep breathing. Deeply!

Until next time, I can’t wait!

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