Let Your Body Inform You

Updated: Oct 8

I didn’t expect a tap on the shoulder from a horse while laying face down on the massage table.

There is no fuss or nicety, like 'oh, hi, how are you? What are you up to? What are you doing here?" going on. Nope. Without a chance to wonder why this horse was showing up in the middle of a massage session, the information was already zooming into my consciousness.

'When you come next week, you must help her work from the body.' Where the first words the horse conveyed.

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And, if you do bodywork and facilitate massages, cranial sacral, acupuncture, or acupressure, the podcast and video are for you.

And it is for all who like to support their animals with hands-on energy or bodywork. I promise you will benefit from the wise tale of a tall, dark-brown, and handsome horse.

Show Notes

(...) But back to the message here because I am sure you need to hear it as much as Adrien and Kristen and I needed to hear it.

Let your body inform you!

Isn't that a delicious sentence?

Let your body inform you!

Doesn't that take a lot of weight off your mind?

If the body can inform us, that HAS to lighten some load somehow, right?

Well … let me share an insight with you. One of my fave's.

Your mind is here to gather information.

Your body is here to make decisions.

Boom. There it is.

You use your mind to gather information.

And you let your body sift through information so it can help you make decisions.

In Adrien’s case, that meant she needed to ground herself with three conscious breaths.

And then place herself next to her horse to greet his body, mind & spirit with her body mind and spirit.

Otherways known as being present.

Meeting your horse in the now.

Standing there, breathing consciously, Adrien’s body will