Wisdom From The Backyard

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Show Notes

Conversation With Cutter

Nicole: Cutter, did you choose to be a horse?

Cutter: I did.

Nicole: Why?

Cutter: To work, I thought I would come into this life to work hard.

Nicole: Would you like to?

Cutter: Not hard tedious work. But it is hard to feel accomplished when I don’t work. I like physical, mental work. I like to work with people.

Nicole: In reality you haven’t worked hard for a while. And I wonder if you would get nervous being away from Shana.

Cutter: At first, but I’d get used to it. Once my mind is back in the game I’d be fine.

(A picture popped into my mind of me longlining Cutter around the property, near the woods.)

Cutter: I like that picture.

Nicole: Would you like to do more work with people?

Cutter: Yes, I like people.

Nicole: You always have. What do you like?

Cutter: I like to calm them down so they can go inside and meet themselves.

Nicole: Tell me what you experience when you work with people.

Cutter: I see them coming (down the path to the barn) and there is a lot of buzzing going on around them, inside. Sometimes the buzzing gets stronger as they come closer. And then, eventually, they take a breath. I look at them, I touch their arm, blow onto their shoulder, and then they laugh and exhale, and the energy changes.

Nicole: What happens after that?

Cutter: Now they’re open to hear their own voice, feel their own heart, become aware.

Nicole: Aware of what?

Cutter: Aware that their body has spoken.

Nicole: In what way?

Cutter: The body has slowed down in certain areas or sped up. They notice.

(Inquiring deeper Cutter showed me how the digestive system or thyroid slows down, or the heart races, and blood pressure rises.)

Nicole: What do you think happens next with the person?

Cutter: They wonder, was it always like this? What causes this?

Nicole: Are you a healer Cutter?

Cutter: I am a pointer-outer.

Nicole: Ok. Tell me more.

Cutter: In my presence, people notice because they stop.