I believe ...
it's time to take responsibility for our own well-being.  
That's the only way we can bring well-being to our world. 
(And our world sure needs it just as much as we do).

I also believe ...
being mindfully connected is where it all starts.
Because when  you are mindfully connected within yourself,
you will mindfully connect with the world.
And that's why I developed the Mindful Connections Wheel.
Let's do it. It's time.
Hop on the Wheel with me.



Mindful Connections Wheel A Mindful Communication & Decision Making Tool





Mc wheel step 5 reevaluate

MC Wheel Step 1 Be in the now
Mindful Connection Wheel Problem Solving Tool




mc wheel step 2 mc wheel gather information

      mc wheel step 4 take action                                                         mc wheel step 3 hypothesize                                       

Here is what I know ...
When you apply the 5 Mindful Principles and the 5 Steps of the MC Wheel
you naturally engage your innate resources: 
your body, mind & intuition. 
The moment they connect, they ignite! 
And when they ignite they work in conjunction,
they become harmoniously effective ...
and that brings you back to your natural state of extraordinary performance.

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Meet Nicole Birkholzer Founder of Mindful Connections
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