“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”
—Buddhist Proverb
That certainly was the case for me.
It all started with me scraping cow patties off the hide of dairy cows at a local farm when I was seven.  I thought they’d feel better without that gunk; but that’s another story.  

Many years and exchanges later it was confirmed  . . .  when I treated my animals as equals: partner-beings + soul-companions, I was able to cultivate new ways of connecting + communicating with all living beings.

Yes, this all started with cow patties, but the moment I saw cats, dogs, horses and cockatoos as my teachers — and sometimes willful students — I  experienced true mindfulness: a state of being joyfully present, focused + aware.

Whether you’re a turtle lover, goat lover, horse lover, or simply a lover of natural beauty,
I’m here to help you catch a glimpse of a higher consciousness. A greater truth.

I distilled everything I learned into 5 Mindful Principles and the Mindful Connections Wheel.


The 5 Mindful Connections Principles                                                       The Mindful Connections Wheel
 My first teacher was Cookie, a feral barn cat.                                                                                    As a result of mindfully connecting with my animals, 
 Cookie and many other animals taught me five                                                                  I developed a 5-step communication and decision-making
 unshakable truths. Each of the truths became a mindful                                                                      process called the Mindful Connections Wheel
 principle I live + love by. Because of it I built amazing                                                            The Wheel helps me navigate through any obstacles 
 relationships with pets + people and you can too!                                                                                     and it can do the same for you too!  (Read More)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (Read More)


It got deeper after that: 

Once I knew how to connect with my animals, they showed me I was overworking my mind and under-utilizing my body + intuition. 

And they were right, once I tuned in - acknowledged all my resources: my body, my mind + my innate wisdom - my life went from ordinary to extraordinary

Now I know: when I need direction I look inside (instead of outside) to make the best decisions for my life. 
And I offer the same to you in my online course!
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It's Tried + True

The Mindful Connections Wheel has helped me (and all the friends + strangers who use it)
a-million-and-one-times to better deal with life’s challenges.

"It is amazing how the Wheel helps with the most minute 
and the most monumental challenges."
Stephanie Sanders, publisher 

Stephanie From Mass Horse Magazine

Work with me, and I’ll teach you the foundational principles of
Mindful Connections: a mindful approach to building meaningful connections with anyone, including … you!

The Mindful Connections Online Course

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When you apply the 5 Mindful Principles and the 5 Steps of the
Mindful Connections Wheel you naturally engage your innate resources: your body, mind & intuition. 
The moment they connect, they ignite! 

And when they ignite they work in conjunction + become harmoniously effective . . . that brings you back to your natural state of extraordinary performance.

Sign Up for the 10 Practice Mindful Connection Online Course

$49/limited time

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A few days ago, after mucking the fields I went into the hayloft above our barn to fill the hay bags for the horses. Filling hay bags is similarly meditative as picking up manure can be. It has the “chop wood, carry water” quality. Repeating a motion I am so familiar with that my thoughts are led to a place I call “stillness while in motion” ... read more

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