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Changes Are Coming To Mindful Connections!

The Mindful Connections website will soon not only embrace the horse community, but people of all walks of life. Because ... we all need a little more mindfulness.

  • Weekly Mindful Inspirations
  • "The 5 Mindful Connections Principles Applied" - a webinar on how to achieve less stress and  more happiness through mindful actions
  • "Mindful Connections a Practice, a Habit, a Lifestyle" an on-line course on how apply the MC Wheel to any challenge. 

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Let's get mindful ...


I am Nicole Birkholzer, creator of Mindful Connections. I am passionate about us becoming the best partners we can be for our horses. The basis for becoming great partners is a great relationship.

Are you ready to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with your horse? The kind where you and your horse communicate with ease, look forward to hanging out together, deciding together …

Look no further, you are in the right place. I’ll share the next steps in this video

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