Your key to a blissed-out beautiful life
could be curled up on your lap right now…

Does your cat trip you up – literally – when you rush to get out of the house?

Does your dog sometimes act really goofy, especially when you need cheering up?

When our animals “speak” to us we are given a choice: we can dismiss them as silly and goofy

or we can choose to stop… and listen.


And this is what Pet Logic is all about…

By knowing how to listen to your pet, you will be shown a world that is nothing short of miraculous.

I’m Nicole Birkholzer, animal intuit, pet rescuer, author and former executive coach.
Once upon a time I secretly wondered about the uncanny connection I felt with animals. 

And then I met Cookie, a feral barn cat.

Cookie was the first animal who taught me that pets are actually gurus and guides here to help us
live fulfilled, incredible lives.


Pet owners are special people.

And if you feel a particular bond with your pet ...
rest assured that a few simple shifts can lead you to
a spectacular connection that is here to transform your life.

Since meeting Cookie, I’ve been lucky enough to love and “listen to” countless animals from wild raccoons to goats and wild horses. By learning to tune into the true language of pets, my work, personal life and connections with others has gone from ordinary to extraordinary.  

My pets have passed me an incredible tool that helps us stay in the present
so that we can live truly inspired lives:


By listening to my pets, I've been able to create an Online Course
so we can feel really free even when challenges arise


And my pets also showed up on the page,
where they became part of my upcoming book.

(Coming out with Green Writer’s Press in September, pre-order here!)

If you’re ready to step into a world beyond your imagination ...

tune into your intuition and make decisions with ease,
experience life “in the flow”and learn to live in the moment
eel a major decrease in dis-ease and stress

... then join the Pet Logic community
and enter the miraculous world that’s waiting for you.

                                                                                                                                              . . .                                                                                              





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