Nicole Birkholzer Mindful Connections Founder

For the last fifteen years I have dedicated my life to understanding relationships.

The relationship we have with ourselves.
The relationship we have with animals.
The relationships we desire to have with other people.

I asked questions like:
Why do we want to belong?
What keeps us from connecting?
What happens when we are seen + heard?

And then I realized …
no matter if we are two-legged, four-legged, feathery or furry,
when we are seen, heard and understood we feel mindfully connected.


Hi, I am Nicole Birkholzer, from an early age I questioned everything: the ‘why’s’ and ‘how‘s’ just never stopped.

And though people around me sometimes get fatigued by it, I never tire asking lots of questions.

Being inquisitive has paid off … after spending decades observing, documenting and analyzing the connections I've made with animals, I developed a tool that brings the wisdom and knowledge animals have provided me with to our human relationships.

The Mindful Connections Wheel provides guidance on living in the present moment, shows how to communicate more clearly, and reminds us to utilize two innate resources we tend to forget while living our busy lives.  


decision-making tool Minsdful Connections Wheel


The discovery of the 5 Mindful Connections Principles and the steps of the Mindful Connections Wheel have not only changed my life and that of my animals by reducing stress, building confidence, and improving communication, but has also affected the lives of many other people and animals around the world by raising awareness, changing perspectives, and solving problems with greater ease.

I am dedicated to exploring and spreading the wonder of meaningful relationships one story, one talk + one mindful connection at a time.

::  ::  ::

Are you ready to let your kitty, bird, goat or horse take you to the next deeper level of connection?

Do you want to connect more deeply with yourself and the people around you?

Have you been wondering if there is more to life than what you're currently experiencing?

Well ... you've come to the right place: 
I created a few things to get you started.

:: Get inspired by the mindful connections I share on my blog.

:: You can improve your relationships by taking the online course
    “Take your life from mind-full to mindful” 
I developed for you. 

:: I am currently available for personal coaching sessions.
   Get clear on what type of qualities, experiences and relationships you
   want in your life and how to reach them.  Time to take your life
   ordinary to extraordinary.

:: And you can bring me to your organization so I can share how you and
   your people (or pets) can benefit from being more mindfully connected.
   If you're part of a therapeutic riding center or a youth educator,
   click the word and learn more about my philosophy.

Always remember ... mindful connections take your life from mind-full to mindful.



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