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Nicole's second book, HORSE LOGIC is a must-read if you believe that horses

are your soul mates and in your life to teach you about their wisdom. 


Hi, I am Nicole,
and I communicate with animals!

I am so glad you are here!

Did you know, animals, just like us, want to be seen and heard? 

Living with animals enriches our lives in so many ways, yet when they are confused or unwell, their behaviors become our concern.


Your dog has separation anxiety. Whines, and cries every time you pick up your keys. 

Your new cat is fighting with your older cat. And one of them is not using the litter box.

Your horse is shying at the mounting block when she used to stand like a statue. 

The truth is, in order to make themselves known, our animals express themselves through quirky, and sometimes undesired behaviors.

When their communications fail to reach us, the imbalance in our lives continues.  


I will connect with your animal telepathically over the phone, to relay what your animal is expressing. As I translate your animal's need, I become the facilitator to a profound dialogue between you and your companion.  

Let's tune in.   


An animal communication call gives you insights and clarity and provides you with a plan to bring your world and your animal's world back into balance. 


Our animals

always communicate.

 ... let's listen!

​Animals are always ready to share their perspective, how they feel, what they need, and what we, their people, can do to make their lives whole.  

If this is your first time, and you’re curious to know what your animal feels or thinks, or what your animal needs, contact me and we will set up a 15-minute phone chat to see how I can help you. 



Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with a gazillion of clients to restore ease and joy in their animal relationships.  


As an author, speaker, and workshop leader, I combine my years of practical experience with a deep intuitive sensibility.  My background in equine science and management and therapeutic riding is meaningful when I support equine professionals in caring for their herd. I blend traditional approaches to animal behavior with the knowledge of ancient healing modalities in my work with veterinarians, animal advocates, and pet and horse owners.  

Animal communication deepens your relationship. 

Read more about my background and unique approach to working with animals.

And, explore the logic behind your pet's or horse's behaviors. 


Let's connect!

What does your animal need?

Contact me and we set up a free
15-minute phone chat to see

how I can help you. 

There is always a reason.

Discover the potential for your relationship

or the true meaning behind your animal’s behavior. Book a 45 min. animal communication call. 

Dive into the relationship.

Considering a new animal?
Is your animal at the end of life?
Are you dealing with complex behaviors, or want a deeper relationship?  

Book a series of three phone sessions to create a meaningful dialogue.

What Clients Say

"Nicole was specific and very quick. She is very practical and gives actionable information. She had a solution before I’d even given some background. She identified the source of the problem and  I was able to resolve the issue once I understood it."

Carrie Brady, Equine Professional

"Nicole encouraged me to talk to Curtis before or after events that were difficult for him -- to help him understand what was expected of him, to be his champion and life coach.

As silly as it might seem, this one change made a HUGE difference."

Rachel Beauchesne, Teacher

"Nicole walks the walk because animals can't talk or, are simply 'not heard'.


If there ever was an individual who understands how to communicate beyond words ... meet Nicole."

John Perdrizet, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Be In Touch

How can I help?


I am an educator and may utilize the information provided by an animal in my blog, articles, or marketing materials.

An intuitive consultation is not a substitute for professional medical care and diagnosis or training. I can not give you a diagnosis and I can’t prescribe. If your animal is ill or injured, please seek the assistance of a qualified medical practitioner, ideally a holistic veterinarian – check or a qualified trainer.

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