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A Houdini she is ...

... were the parting words of the breeder when we picked Sammy, then an 8-month-old

goat up 11 years ago. And she was. I dedicated a chapter to her in my first book Pet Logic where you can read about her early antics and my struggle with it.

Sammy's Houdini-like personality was the beginning and end of our physical relationship. A couple of years ago, driven by her ferocious desire for snacks, she squeezed herself through a fence that was unsqueezable and injured her back. The injury affected her right hind leg use, but with my help offering her energy and bodywork, medication, and receiving chiropractic adjustments, Sammy lived two more spirited years.

Yesterday, we released Sammy. The signs were clear; she could no longer get up independently.

I struggle with the decision to release an animal every time, especially when the animal's spirit is still shining so bright. While waiting for the vet, Sammy had been her feisty self, using her horns to direct me how to hold her up and where to rub her back. This time though, after the veterinarian gave Sammy the first sedative, I sensed a deep relief washing over Sammy and myself.

My sister reminded me yesterday I have been struggling to find the right time to release Sammy for a while. But, in the end, my heart connection with my animals plus my gut-feeling are always there to direct me.

Trust your gut when you need to make difficult choices for yourself and your animals. It's the best adviser you got!

Speaking of gut … the new podcast is up! This week's episode, Energetic Incongruence, is another example of how gut feelings can show up and inform you. Listen right here or on your apps, like iTunes, Spotify, etc.

I bet you have at least three friends who love animals too. And, if you enjoy the podcast, please tell your friends about it. Share the link or the newsletter, let's spread the word about how to connect and communicate with animals successfully!

Big thanks and much love to you.

I wish you a great week!


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