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Handy Chats

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Show Notes

:: In the last episode, we chatted about chatting with your animals. Telling them what is going on in your life right now and what is about to happen. Today’s mission is to share with you how handy and effective chats can be.

:: Why are verbal chats so effective? When you speak out loud to your animal, in simple direct sentences, your intention is laser-sharp. As you speak, you automatically form a picture of what you are saying in your mind and that helps your animal understand what you are looking for. If you are familiar with the work of Temple Grandin, she explains that animals think in pictures. In my experience that is one aspect of communicating with animals, sending them pictures, but I feel speaking out loud forms the picture automatically and therefore brings the message across in two ways, verbally and visually.

:: Let’s try it. If I say out loud right now, “Scout, please stay on the deck,” I immediately form a picture in my mind of Scout lying on the deck. Did you notice it, too? Did the picture inevitably show up in your mind?

:: For example, your pet is sick, and you are heading to the vet. Instead of turning up the radio to tune out your cat's meowing or your dog's restless backseat shuffle, you become present with a deep breath. Immediately, your pup or kitty will feel more at ease as well. Then you explain to your animal, "We are going to the vet, so s/he can help you feel better. And when we get there, I'd love for you to stay calm." Chances are, your animal will be calmer in the car and also follow your request while on the examining table.

:: In general, we tell our animals what we don't want them to do. "Stop crying, stop moving, don't jump, don't scratch, don't run, don't nip, and don't sit on the furniture." We rarely offer them information about what we want them to do.

:: Our animals might not understand every word we say, but they understand the intention behind our words and often follow suit. When you engage your pet through words, you offer a new level of communication and open yourself up for a dialogue.

:: Stories

:: We're only limited by the limitations we put on ourselves and our animals. By reducing your communication with your animals to those commands, sit, come, heel, whoa, you're short-changing yourself and your animals.

:: I invite you, give this a try. Speak directly to your animal, ask for what you need and be amazed about the results and the connection you can achieve.

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