Loss Of A Furry Member

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One of the most challenging experiences for us animal lovers is to consider the death of our precious furry friend and confidante.

:: We never truly know if the most loving thing is to give the animal more time, because, who wants to shortchange someone else’s life?

:: But, there is also the deep love that can be expressed by letting the be-lov-ed exit the aging or aching body.

:: According to many animals I have communicated with, the general consent about transition is as follows. Animals, just like people come from consciousness into a physical body. After the physical body expires, the consciousness mingles back fully with the larger consciousness.

:: “Is my cat Moose coming back as another cat?” This is what Moose shared with us, “Once I am spirit, you can invite me to come back in some form.”

:: The animals generally say they will not come back with the exact same features they had in this lifetime. When I asked Moose why not, he told us that he had been Stephanie’s best friend and support as she went through College, her first big job, and finding her now-husband. During that time he was her touchstone. He continued explaining that Stephanie was now in a different place and therefore needed a different cat for this part of her life. But, since the new cat was being created once again out of consciousness, she could ask for some parts of his former self to be reincarnated.

:: We are part of the Universe, the Consciousness that at some point manifests itself in a form that is a new Being. A person or animal, a tree or a bee.

:: With that come all the personality and features, and essence unique to that being.

:: You and your animal, you’re both a physical extension of consciousness, and when your physical body dies you go back to consciousness.

:: This perspective makes me see the transition out of the body as a homecoming and it also means that we are not gone but simply again part of a larger - ocean - of energy that surrounds all. And, if that is true then the animals and people, who have died are not gone but still around us in ethereal form.

:: The animals also often tell me that once they are in spirit, they are still making themselves known. You might see a quick flash of light moving in the peripheral of your vision. Or, you feel a gentle pressure against your leg while sitting alone on the sofa or lying in bed, as if your animal is pressing up against you.

:: You might feel your animal’s presence while you cook dinner as if your dog or cat is still hanging out with you.

:: Here is another version, your other animals might be staring up at the ceiling or at the doorframe at the front door. That is often an indicator that a spiritual being is hanging out with you.

:: Having shared this, let’s go back to the actual transition.

In most cases the process of the transition is three-fold:

The animal is beginning to fail physically.

The transition.