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My First Podcast for You!!!

In March of 2021, I lucked out. Everything I knew about animals and everything I have learned from animals rushed through my body into the keyboard and three weeks later my third book was drafted.


Yep, amazing things happen when I follow the tiny voice within. This time she told me to, "sit down and put it on paper." Clearly that meant the third book wanted to be born!

Curious enough, once I had the first 20,000 words on paper, I wanted to create something more personally than a book. I wanted to tell you what I wrote down, personally. I wanted to be the mindful connection between you and the words. So, I decided to speak the manuscript into a microphone and turn it into a free podcast.

I can not tell you how much I loved recording "Let's Have A Chat!"

I imagined you in your home, barn, or car hearing all these wonderous things animals want you to know. Nine days later, I had recorded 14 episodes - part one - of the manuscript. Now And, thanks to amazing podcast fairies the show is now on the air!

What is "Let's Have A Chat!"about?

By listening to the podcast, you will discover the secret to communicating with animals, successfully. Like you did when you were young. Like you can do again. With this podcast I will help you to remember how to connect, speak with, and listen to your animals.

Your animals, just like you, want to be seen and heard. And, I will facilitate the connection, the dialogue, for you by sharing with you what I know.

How can you listen to it?

If you care deeply about rescuing/adopting/helping pets? Click right here.

Or, start right here, at the beginning. For the first episode scroll down, and then binge listen for a few episodes to see if you like to listen to my voice and what I share.

Listening to "Let's Have a Chat" will change your life. And that of your animal/s.

You will breathe more easily, be more embodied (it is one of the best feelings when you realize how much info your body has for you, just ask your animals ;-) and you will begin to chat with your animals in ways that makes sense to them.

Listen in. Let me know what you think. And, remember: Your animals, just like you want to be seen and heard.

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