Tying It Together

Listen to my Podcast, "Let's Have A Chat!" - Episode 13 Here

Maybe you remember, I shared it with you in episode 1, that in March of 2021, I felt this urge to sit down with my laptop and take dictation from ... what I presume is my higher Self.

Three weeks and 21,000 words later, I held a manuscript in my hands. When I read it from tip to toe, so to speak, I knew that those words were a blend of what I had learned from animals over the last five decades.

The title for the script is: Take a Breath. Have a Chat. Be Amazed.

I knew right away why this had to be the title. And you know this too by now if you have listened to this podcast tip to toe.

When you take a deep conscious breath and put yourself into the present moment. When you verbally chat with your animal, explain the who, what's, and why's to your animal.

When you tell your dog, kitty, horse, donkey, or cockatoo what you love about them and what you expect from them, just like you speak with a four-year-old child, you will be amazed by the response and the deep connection you experience.

I wondered for a while how to bring this information out into the world. Having the bones of a manuscript, it seemed apparent that I would turn it into book # 3.

Being a realist, I knew that a book deal and subsequent worldwide book release were possible but also slim. And my goal is to reach as many people as possible to positively affect as many animals as possible. So, a podcast felt like a great way to share the information across the globe. I got clients in Germany and France, Spain and Australia, and of course the USA. So why not invite you all to have a chat with me so we can together explore the secret and the magic of connecting with animals in meaningful ways.

Having recorded 14 episodes, this included, I have to say ... I like it. Chatting with you like this feels like the perfect medium right now. I love that I can record more bonus episodes when I have a new insight that fits a certain theme of an episode. And, I also love that this is not our last episode together.

As I started recording the manuscript of "Let's have a chat," I realized that I had to share the manuscript with you in three parts. So this is the last episode of part one, which is called, as you know, "Let's have a chat."

I am currently working on part 2, and with that series, we will dive into body chats. I will share with you how you can have a meaningful physical dialogue with your animal. Not just pet, pet, pet on the head or nose, oh no, we will be moving into the issues that get stuck in the tissues. We will chat about how you can release tension and provide ease for you and your animal in rather magical ways.

And then, in part 3, we will be chatting about chatting telepathically with our animals. Because by then, you will be spending much less time in your head and more time in your body. And … that will give your intuition a chance to make herself, or himself, known.

Now you know my plan. It's always good to know the plan, our mind and that of our animals like to know :-)))

As I am moving us into recapping what we've chatted about in part 1, I want to share what happened when I thought about what to call this last episode.

The title, "Tying it all together," popped immediately into my head. It came back as a title the next day and the day after that. I finally asked out loud, "why this name?" and the answer was suddenly apparent to me. Because tying all this information together and putting a bow on it, we have a gift in our hands. And, isn't that the truth, the gift we are holding right now is to know how to be present.

Get it?

Just like the saying says: the present is the greatest gift …!

It is.

Now know, there is no more significant gift you can give to your animal than your presence. No cookie, treat, or carrot will ever have the same frequency or meaning as you taking a breath to meet your animal in the now. Once you arrive in the now, use your senses to see and hear and smell and feel what your animal feels. Don't project, but start seeing the world through your animal's eyes. Express yourself verbally, and then take a breath and wait for a response from your furry or feathery friend.

As you open the space for a reply, as you suddenly find yourself in a dialogue with your animal, you will be amazed about the deep sense of connection that f